“Who we be” is an examination of the human being’s attempt to break free of self-made social constructs via visual art. Such concepts as racism, classism, and sexism (just to name a few) are so pervasive in our global society that concentrating on our shared basic humanity seems almost impossible. Add to that the current technological boom rivaled only in modern history by the Industrial Revolution, being human appears to be one the final frontiers of struggle.

In this regard, the great writer George Orwell has been prophetic to say the least. Within this mixed media based series, the viewer will find elements of abstract expressionism, surrealism, as well as cartoon illustration. In addition, there are elements of relief sculpture, as portions of the cartoon images have been carved out of the illustration board surface.

This is meant to represent the human struggle in its attempt to preserve some sense of self despite the societal constructs it has made. Said constructs in this series are represented by the application of the paint itself. Placing the humanoid figures and the media in a tug-o-war with each other is meant to be representative of our current condition in the world.

This application also lightly touches on Italy’s brief but influential movement of Futurism. In short, “Who we be” is an invitation to the table of discussion concerning who and what we are as a global society, a species and an idea. Addresses where we are versus where we want to be. What we are, as opposed to what we want to be. However, the most important aspect of this ongoing series is…the struggle. —