Rene Ayala



Rene Ayala is a native New Yorker of Cuban-Puerto Rican descent. Raised in the urban streets of the South Bronx, he moved to the southwest in 2008. Ayala works in various fields of technology, photography, and 3-D design. He currently lives in upstate New York with his wife and son.



My artworks introduce a vision of ​place ​ …both real and imagined. In these images, I attempt to capture the beauty of both urban and rural places. Some images are of my immediate environment; while others are of far away places I have had the privilege to visit. The artwork I make brings me peace of mind from the struggles I’ve been through in my life. It allows me an outlet from the internal challenges faced since childhood. Growing up in a rough neighborhood in the South Bronx made me use my imagination to escape my current conditions of the time. Through art, I redirected the trajectory of my life and avoided becoming a product of my environment. In these images, I merge visions of reality and imaginations into one. Here, I examine the contrast between urban and rural beauty as an exploration of my environment. Photography lets us forget ourselves when immersed in nature. Architecture and man-made designs allows us to appreciate the wonders of the human condition in the world.